Starlight Airlines was founded in October 2004. The Company headquarter is located in London U.K. and Dubai (DXB) is setup as administrative office, which is major hub of Middle East and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).The airline currently has around 386 employees

When the first flight with AN 34 made to Iraq, This milestone for the company was the realization and it was preliminary work to build the airline’s network, management and Scheduled Cargo Operation Development Strategy

Starlight Airlines started flight operations in August 2005 and operates currently a fleet of four Extended Range Freighter including B777F and B747F which provide a significant services and transit times for its customers

Starlight Airlines serves the following destinations

Hub: Dubai (DXB) United Arab Emirates

  • Erbil ,(EBL) Iraq
  • Baghdad (BGW), Iraq
  • Sulaymaniah(ISU), Iraq
  • Basra (BSR), Iraq
  • Dubai Intl (DXB), United Arab Emirates
  • Bagram (OAI), Afghanistan
  • Kandahar (KDH)Afghanistan
  • Camp Bastion (OAIZ), Afghanistan
  • Nairobi (NBO), Kenya
  • Entebbe (EBB), Uganda
  • Dar E Salam (DAR), Tanzania
  • Accra (ACC), Ghana
  • Djibouti (JIB), South Sudan

With a dense trucking network, Starlight Airlines has close links to other GCCairports as well as many other Gulf Countries. Starlight Airlines also provides regular trucking services connecting all major Middle East airports with Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Sharjah, Oman, Dubai, Turkey and etc

Taking advantage of Partners and specialist in air charter fleet, Starlight Airlines customers also request for charter operations to any destination worldwide using in-fleets as well as Russian-made Ilyushin, IL76 freighters

Starlight is committed to participating in leading industry groups that improve quality of service for its customers and help to establish the airline as a reliable and professional business partner

After a period of extensive development from 2004 the company concentrates on increasing service quality, reliability and operational efficiency as well as the optimization expansion of its route network,Also company certified with an ISO 9001-2008.

Flight Status

Date Route ETD Status
22/11/2019 DWC - EBL 10:04 ARRIVED
21/11/2019 DWC - EBL 01:15 ARRIVED
20/11/2019 DXB - BSR 13:51 ARRIVED
20/11/2019 BOM - FNA 01:15 ARRIVED
19/11/2019 BOM - MWZ 15:21 ARRIVED
19/11/2019 DWC - EBL 05:03 ARRIVED
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