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Mr.Anand Kumar and Mr.Giovanni Marseal
Calogi 2012 Awards Luncheon

Welcome to Starlight Airlines

STARLIGHT AIRLINES is the biggest services provider of International Air Freight. Our market base is mainly IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN with branches in IRAQ (Erbil, Baghdad, Sulaymaniah, Basra, Umm Qaser, Dahouk, Zako and Safwan) apart from these we have offices in Turkey, Jordan, China, Houston in USA and UK. Read More


Starlight Airlines was founded in October 2004. The Company headquarter is located in London U.K. and Dubai (DXB) is setup as administrative office, which is major hub of Middle East and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).The airline currently has around 386 employees...


Towards supporting our vision...

  • The forwarder is the focus of our attention and efforts......
  • "Service, Quality & Integrity" are the foundation of our product offer
  • Professional, well-trained & motivated staff are our greatest resource

Flight Status

Date Route ETD Status
05/07/2019 DWC - EBL 10:45 SCHEDULED
05/07/2019 DXB - BSR 08:00 SCHEDULED
03/07/2019 DWC - EBL 19:45 ARRIVED
03/07/2019 DXB - TUN 07:23 ARRIVED
02/07/2019 DWC - EBL 07:27 ARRIVED
01/07/2019 DXB - MUC 09:03 ARRIVED
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+971 6 557 5550

+971 6 518 2000

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